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5 Great Car Care Tips:

1) Immediately remove bugs from your car before the acid in their bodies eat your clear coat and paint. Bugs not immediately removed will pit most auto paints.

2) Same for bird droppings. Remove immediately. Something in bird poop turns many car paints bad.

3) Tree sap is even worse. Left too long on sunbaked cars will bond with the paint. How to remove at that point? Razor blades. Do you really want to razor blade tree sap off your paint finish? Neither do I, but it is last resort to remove when the sap turns into super glue. Again, remove it immediately with something pretoleum-based to soften it up and dissolve.

4) Wax your car regularly especially in hot and sunny environments, or else the car paint will dry out and become vulnerable to decay. Painted surfaces need to be moisturized and kept supple or else the paint breaks down and becomes dull and oxydized. Wax is sunscreen for cars and should last 2-3 months depending on varying other factors.

5) When you only wash your car either use gentle soap or else you are washing off the wax. Soap dries surfaces and wax moisturizes surfaces. Best advice is to use a car soap product which has wax or silicones within the product. I love Turtle Wax car wash soap personally because its been here forever and works like I want it to. It also smells amazing. But, there are many others on the market. Find one you love and use that.

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