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West Palm Beach Mobile Car Detailing:

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"The Gold Medal Auto Detail"
Complete Exterior & Interior
Auto Cleaning & Detailing with Hand Wax
We come to you with our own water & electric!
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Wash * Caranuba Wax * Tires * Rims * Chrome
Door Jams * Trunk * Vacuum * Shampoo Mats
Leather Cleaned * Glass

Cars: $80

SUV’s/Vans/Pickups: $90

Large SUV’s/Vans/Pickups: $100
Extra Large Trucks: $110

Extra Services:
Engine Cleaning add $25
Mineral Deposits + Water Stains Removal add $60
Full Carpet + Fabric Shampoo add $50
Wet-sand + Compound add $60
Spray Paint Removal + Claybar Paint Treatment add $75


Mobile Car Detailing & Cleaning Company
About Us:

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We bring our mobile auto detail shop to you. Gold Medal Auto Detail of West Palm Beach, Florida has been professionally cleaning & detailing cars at Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens-West Palm Beach offices and residences since 1988, so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing. Having cleaned & detailed 1,000’s of cars in the Palm Beaches, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or taken care of in car detailing & auto reconditioning. We use all the proper tools & best car care products to clean & detail cars & we carry our own water. If you are looking for an extremely advanced auto detailing company in the West Palm Beach area who will come to you & wash your dirty car troubles away, call 561-236-6005 today for an appointment. Nobody ever regrets a Gold Medal Auto Detail!

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Headlight Restoration & Repair

Faded, cloudy & yellowed auto headlight lenses are not only unsightly but also present night driving dangers. Nightime road visibility and natural response times are adversely affected which can cause unecessary accidents & fatalities. Let our headlight restoration expert in West Palm Beach areas come to you and restore your lenses. Headlight lens replacements can cost several hundreds of dollars but we can affordably repair your headlights to like-new standards with long-lasting protective sealant, saving you headlight replacement costs. Call 561-236-6005 for appointment.

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Wheel Tech: Clean Auto Wheel Rims Forever!

Are you like every other car owner & tired of dealing with filthy dirty wheel rims from brake dust? Doesn't it seem like you just cleaned your rims and now they're already dirty all over again? If you want your car wheel rims to stay cleaner much longer, then this is the wheel rims protection product you need. Once installed, these very inexpensive wheel rim guards prevent brake dust from ever accumulating to begin with. It's so simple!


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